Chinese Fruit Association | In order to implement the „innovation, coordination, green, open and shared“ development concept, to promote the national kiwi industrial upgrading and green healthy development, promote the national high-quality kiwi brand, promote production and marketing docking, the study, I will be scheduled in October 12 – 14, 2017 held in the county of Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, „the first China kiwi annual meeting“, and organized participants to participate in the same period organized by the „World Kiwi Congress“ and „the sixth China Shaanxi Shaanxi (Meixian) kiwi fruit industry development“.

The relevant matters of the meeting are hereby notified as follows

First, the main contents of the meeting:

1, held the national kiwi main business exchange forum, summed up the current kiwi fruit industry development factors, advantages and shortcomings, focusing on the domestic kiwi regional production, variety, industry development status, market trends exchange views, offer advice and suggestions;

2, held the national high-quality kiwi tasting, a collection of different origins of kiwifruit varieties, concentrated on-site tasting, product quality and production experience to carry out exchanges.

3, kiwi production and marketing matchmaking. (A limited number of first-come, first-served basis), publicity and promotion of enterprise products and brands, and organizations and national buyers, distribution companies face to face negotiations, production and marketing docking.

4, visit, study Meixian kiwi industry and base.

Second, the meeting Organizational unit:

Sponsor: China Fruit Circulation Association Baoji Municipal People ’s Government

Sponsor: China Fruit Circulation Association Kiwi Branch Meixian People’s Government

Third, the participants:
National kiwi main production, processing, storage, import and export enterprises, professional cooperatives, the Chinese fruit circulation Association member units, the national large-scale fruit wholesale market, supermarkets, electricity and other procurement enterprises.

Fourth, the meeting reported:
Participation and participation in tasting units: October 11 full day report, 12 exhibition;

Participants: 12 days all day report; October 13-14, two days.
Registration Location: Meixian County, Shaanxi Province in the International Hotel
Registration Contact: Zheng Domei Tel: 13759799569

Note: The meeting does not charge the conference fee, accommodation costs borne by the conference organizers, and provide shuttle service. Participants will attend the meeting on September 25th.

Fifth, contact:
Please contact: China Fruit Circulation Association
Tie Wenzan: 010-66095241,15011505934
Chen Lei: 010-66095287,13911805261
Fax: 010-66095287
Please contact: China Fruit Circulation Association Kiwi Club
Zhang Juan: 029-82556688,18991857785
Song Fei: 13359285860
Fax: 029-82556688

Six, conference reception:

The conference group will arrange the pick-up at Xianyang International Airport and Xibao High-speed Railway Qishan Station. Please inform the conference group for the flight attendance information.

Received information collection Contact: Hou Wencheng 13772652989
Tel: 0917-5548160

First, exhibitors / participants receipt
Second, enrollment and participation tasting will be prompted
Third, exhibitors and participate in tasting unit information

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