20 thousand tons of exports are targeted this year in „Bursa Black“, which is accepted as the best quality fig of the world and entered to the kitchen of the British Royal family.

With a long shelf life, big exterior image and taste, the “ Bursa Siyahı „, which is accepted as the best quality fig of the world and entered the kitchen of the British Royal family, is aiming to export 20 thousand tons this year.

As a result of the garden inspections carried out by the Fresh Bursa Black Pearl Harvest and Export History Determination Commission established by the Ministry of Economy Marmara Regional Directorate, 30 thousand tons of harvest is expected in Bursa Siyahı, which is allowed to export on 19 August and from 21 August.

Turkey Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters Association Board Member Berdan Ber , AA correspondent, said that the Bursa region has 30 thousand tons of fig production capacity, he said.

„We are the biggest producer in the world in Bursa Black, we have exported 14-15 thousand tons of 27 thousand tons of figs produced last year, our biggest advantage is to export 20 thousand tons this year, so we will create plus value, It is also our greatest goal that more farmers turn to this product. “ said.

„We export black figs to every part of the world“
„We are exporting black figs to every region of the world and we aim to create a price stability that we can appeal to the middle sector rather than to the top sector,“ said Ber, adding that the fig harvest will continue for about 50 more days.

Explaining that many countries of Europe have consumed black figs, Ber recently reported that exports to the Far East and the Middle East have also begun and that demand is increasing day by day.

„Our producers are satisfied with the prices“
Osmangazi Chamber of Agriculture Parliament Speaker Hakan October also said that black figs are a special product for Bursa.

October, 90 percent of the black figs in Turkey were produced in Bursa, „We got the ‚Bursa Black‘ patent as the Osmangazi Chamber of Agriculture. The product has just begun to mature, and our producers are pleased with the prices for now.