Lemons harvest Murcia – Picture: regmurcia

In the framework of the work of the CARM-BREXIT Committee, a detailed report has been prepared for the follow-up of Brexit, detailing the threats and opportunities relevant to the sector and finalizing strategic recommendations.

All this is supported by the analysis of statistics on trade flows for our products [0805.50-2009.39-2009.31.19.19-3301.13] in the UK, not only Spanish exports but also those of other origins with which we compete.

Among the main ways of action proposed are the national and autonomous public administrations to ensure an orderly BREXIT, minimizing uncertainty regarding the future commercial scenario and through a satisfactory agreement of transitory provisions that maintain bilateral trade between UK and EU-27 in a smooth and frictionless manner, monitoring of possible non-tariff barriers of a technical nature, as well as strengthening public support policies for market diversification.

Ein Bericht dazu vom spanischen ins englische übersetzt | Quelle: agrodiario.com

Ailimpo calls on Administrations to ensure a ‚Brexit‘ orderly and allow a trade „frictionless“

The Interprofessional Association of Lemon and Grapefruit (Ailimpo) has asked public administrations, both national and autonomous, to ensure an orderly ‚Brexit‘, minimizing uncertainty regarding the future commercial scenario and by a satisfactory agreement of transitional provisions that maintain Bilateral trade between the UK and the EU, smoothly and smoothly. „

This is one of the main lines of action proposed in the work of the Autonomous Community-Brexit Committee, in which Ailimpo participates together with other sectoral associations, in addition to other actions such as „monitoring of possible non-tariff barriers of a technical nature, Such as the strengthening of public support policies for the diversification of markets „.

Among the threats and risks identified are „regulatory divergence, especially regarding plant health, maximum limits of pesticide residues, quality standards or organic production among others,“ said Ailimpo.

There is also concern about the new customs procedure and logistical implications when the United Kingdom becomes a third country, or the disappearance of the VAT self-impact mechanism in intra-Community acquisitions, „which could imply financial costs due to the deferral between payment and its Recovery, „they added.

The work has been done analyzing the statistics on the commercial flows for the products that AILIMPO represents: lemon and grapefruit in fresh, concentrated juice of lemon, direct juice of lemon and essential oil, both of Spain and the countries with which Spanish lemon and grapefruit competes in UK.

United Kingdom is a strategic market for the Spanish horticultural sector in general, and lemon and grapefruit both fresh and derived in a more specific way, being the third European market in order of importance. Hence the interest of this report, which identifies the key points for Ailimpo that have already been transferred to the national authorities and the European Union.

Ailimpo is an interprofessional at the national level, based in Murcia, officially recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Commission, representing the economic interests of producers, cooperatives, exporters and industrialists of lemon and grapefruit in Spain.

It is a sector with an average production of 1,000,000 tons, of which it destines to the market in fresh 750,000 tons, and to the industry of transformation 250,000 tons, with an average turnover superior to 700 million euros. In the 2014-2015 marketing year, 650,000 tonnes of lemon were exported to more than 80 countries.